We are dedicated to the confection, planning, design, and logistics of motorcycle tours within the territory of Mexico. This includes the most emblematic and transcendental tourist destinations in one of the most paradisiacal countries for motorcycle tours.

The diverse ecosystems of Mexico offer a gama of sensations, colors, aromas, and tastes available within a few kilometers.

We tour from tropical forests, waterfalls, sinkholes (cenotes), rivers, deserts, and snowy mountains, to the magical towns considered heritage of mankind. Explore Mexico offers cultural, gastronomical, sports, and exploration experiences while always considering your safety and looking for the best experiences.

The Mexican Republic is one of the finest places to practice motorcycle tourism and adventure in the world.

We are not a tourist agency but rather a provider of dreams for motorcyclists and motorcycle touring which is the best way to travel through and to know Mexico.

Our tours include everything you will need. Your only worry is to ride and enjoy the road on our BMW 1200 GS 2018 machines. Motor Explore Mexico will take care of food, lodging, safety, assistance, and the entrance to all the places of interest.