CIM (Center for Motorcyclists’ Instruction) of MOTO EXPLORE MEXICO, has the safest and most enjoyable installations for our courses.

These courses for both On and Off Road are located ten minutes from Yecapixtla, Morelos which has great weather all year for riding.


Today the problems of traffic gridlock makes it difficult to get from one place to another and thus the use of motorcycles is replacing cars. In addition to avoiding this gridlock, the low cost of maintenance, the cost of fuel, the small pollution footprint, the savings for parking, and the versatility of motorcycles is undeniable.

In spite of the advantages, we can not omit the disadvantages that could happen when there is insufficient riders’ training.

Traffic accidents cause deaths and incapacitations al well as other problems.

Due to these problems it is vital to have an intregal system of capacitation and a continual polishing of the skills already aquired. We offer a series of programmed exercises and practices which allow riders to tune-up these abilities in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

CIM (Center for Motorcyclists’ Instruction) of Moto Explore Mexico is the answer to all of these present points.