We are focused on polishing, reenforcing, and maximizing the skills required for handling any kind of motorcycle under all conditions and situations.

Any previous experience riding these machines will always have factors that can be corrected and exploited to improve the abilities and safety of the rider.

Although motorcycles are the ultimate means of transportation in large and chaotic urban centers, there is a negative side. The number of accidents in which injuries and even death occur is increasing dramatically. The economic losses from these accidents is also considerable.

The continual problems for parking and chaotic traffic guarantee that the use of automobiles will decline and be replaced by the the great versatility and low cost of maintenance of motorcycles.

MOTO EXPLORER MEXICO are aware of the problems and being worried about the situation we have developed a varied program of both theoretical and practical techniques for riding.

We are not motorcycle racers nor stunt people who do extreme acrobatics. We are motorcyclists who have the abilities of communication and experience to transmit the best knowledge and abilities for safely using this magnificant means of transportation.